Lincoln Assassination

This is a listing of articles in “This Week in the Civil War” related to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

On this date in Civil War history – President Abraham Lincoln Assassinated – April 14, 1865

Another take on President Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

Frederick Aiken Biography

Frederick Aiken The Attorney – Historians Weigh In

Rare Aiken Letter for Sale

Historical Inaccuracies in ‘The Conspirator’

The Lincoln Assassination: New Research Unravels Old Myths

On this day: April 26, 1865 – JOHN WILKES BOOTH KILLED!

Mary Eugenia Surratt (1823-1865)

Lincoln Assassination Books

‘The Conspirator’ Aims for Accuracies

‘The Conspirator’ Box Office – Opening Weekend

‘The Conspirator’ Takes in $7 million in 10 days

On this date: April 24, 1865 – Hancock Issues Proclamation

Civil War Sites in Maryland

Report of first doctor to reach Lincoln found