This Week in the American Civil War: June 7-13, 1865

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Major Highlights for the Week

June 7, 1865

A small model of a steamboat made by President Abraham Lincoln in 1849 was discovered in the U.S. Patent Office.

About 12,000 Federal troops from Illinois, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Massachusetts departed for muster out in their home states.

A report came out noting that there were 60,000 Federal soldiers sick and wounded in hospitals throughout the country.

The trial of the Lincoln conspirators continued with a full day of witness testimony.

Thursday June 8, 1865

The Federal Sixth Corps, which missed out on the Grand Review two weeks prior, had its review in Washington, D.C.

Friday June 9, 1865

President Andrew Johnson, upon receiving word that Indians in New Mexico Territory were captured by the U.S. Army and placed into slavery, issued an Executive Order forbidding the practice.

Another serious explosion of ammunition occurred. At Chattanooga, Tennessee, an ordnance building blew up when set afire by a locomotive on a nearby siding. Casualties were estimated to number around ten.

Saturday June 10, 1865

After examining several witnesses, the trial of the Lincoln conspirators adjourned until Monday.

Ward Hill Lamon, the United States Marshal for the District of Columbia and a personal friend of slain U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, tendered his resignation to President Andrew Johnson effective Monday.

Sunday June 11, 1865

Former Confederate guerrillas raided the Texas Treasury building next to the state capitol building in Austin, Texas. Though armed citizens attempted to stop them, they were able to flee with approximately $250,000. After a century and a half, it is still Austin’s coldest case as the perpetrators have not been discovered nor has the money ever been recovered.

The postmaster general reports that 15,000 letters arrive at the “dead letter office” each week due to insufficient postage.

Monday June 12, 1865

The resignation of Marshall Ward Hill Lamon, tendered on Saturday, became effective.

The Cleveland Leader reports that rumors of former Confederate General E. Kirby Smith, who surrendered to Federal authorities ten days earlier, relocating to Mexico with a large amount of cash, were indeed true.

Tuesday June 13, 1865

President Andrew Johnson also appointed William L. Sharkey as provisional governor of Mississippi. His duties were to include the early convening of a convention of loyal citizens to alter or amend the state constitution and set up a new regular state government.

In another proclamation, the president declared trade open east of the Mississippi River except for contraband of war. He also declared Tennessee, which had adopted a constitution and reorganized its government after suppressing the rebellion, restored and the inhabitants free of all disabilities and disqualifications.

Where Minnesota Regiments were the week of June 7-13, 1865 

Active units:

1st Battalion Minnesota Infantry – On duty in Louisville, Kentucky until July 15, 1865.

2nd Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty in Washington, D.C. until June 14, 1865.

3rd Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty at Batesville, Arkansas until September 2, 1865.

4th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty in Louisville, Kentucky until July 19, 1865.

5th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty at Montgomery, Selma and Demopolis, Alabama until August 1865.

6th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty at Montgomery, Alabama until July 1865.

7th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty at Selma, Alabama until July 20, 1865.

8th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty at Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte, N.C. until July 11, 1865.

9th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty at Montgomery and Selma, Alabama until July 26, 1865.

10th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – On duty at Meridian, Mississippi until July 1865.

11th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – Assigned to duty guarding the line of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad from Nashville to the Kentucky line. Companies E, G, and I were at Gallatin, Tennessee. Company A was at Buck Lodge. Company B at Edgefield Junction. Company C at Richland. Company D at Sandersville. Company H was at Mitchellsville. The location of companies F and K are unknown at this time. The regiment remained on duty at these locations until June 25, 1865.

2nd Regiment Minnesota Cavalry – Engaged in frontier and patrol duty between Forts Wadsworth, Abercrombie, Ripley and Ridgely with headquarters at Fort Snelling, until November 17, 1865.

Brackett’s Battalion of Minnesota Cavalry – Engaged in frontier and patrol duty between Forts Wadsworth, Abercrombie, Ripley and Ridgely with headquarters at Fort Snelling until May 1866.

Hatch’s Independent Battalion of Cavalry – Companies A, B, C and D moved to Fort Abercrombie. Companies A and B assigned to garrison at Fort Abercrombie.  Company C assigned to garrison at Alexandria and Pomme de Terre. Company D on patrol duty from Fort Abercrombie to Pembina.  Companies E and F on frontier duty. The battalion would remain in these duty locations for the duration of the war – until April 26, 1866.

1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery Battery – On garrison duty at Chattanooga, Tennessee until September 27, 1865.

1st Minnesota Light Artillery Battery – En route to St. Paul, Minnesota for final mustering out in July 1865.

2nd Independent Battery Minnesota Light Artillery – On duty in Philadelphia, Tennessee until July 1865.

3rd Independent Battery Minnesota Light Artillery – On duty in Dakota Territory until October 1865.                                                                                                                                   

Inactive units: 

1st Regiment Minnesota Cavalry “Mounted Rangers” – Formally mustered out of service on December 7, 1863. Inactive.  

1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – Mustered out of Federal service on April 29, 1864. Inactive. 

2nd United States Sharpshooters, Company A – Transferred to the 1st Battalion, Minnesota Infantry on February 20, 1865 at Petersburg, Virginia for duration of service.

1st United States Sharpshooters Company I Mustered out of Federal Service on March 19, 1865.

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