What are the ten costliest battles of the Civil War? Here’s your answer:

14th Brooklyn

#1 Battle of Gettysburg 
Date: July 1-3, 1863

Location: Pennsylvania
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee
Union Commander: George G. Meade 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 75,000 
Union Forces Engaged: 82,289
Winner: Union 
Casualties: 51,112 (23,049 Union and 28,063 Confederate)



#2 Battle of Chickamauga

Date: September 19-20, 1863

Location: Georgia 
Confederate Commander: 
Braxton Bragg 
Union Commander: William Rosecrans 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 66,326 
Union Forces Engaged: 58,222  
Winner: Confederacy 
Casualties: 34,624 (16,170 Union and 18,454 Confederate)


Battle of Chancellorsville 
May 1-4, 1863

Location: Virginia 
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee 
Union Commander: Joseph Hooker 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 60,892 
Union Forces Engaged: 133,868 
Winner: Confederacy 
Casualties: 30,099 (17,278 Union and 12,821 Confederate)

Marker denotes location of General Robert E. Lee's Confederate Headquarters during the 1864 Spotsylvania campaign

Battle of Spotsylvania 
Date: May 8-19, 1864

Location: Virginia 
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee 
Union Commander: Ulysses S. Grant 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 50,000
Union Forces Engaged: 83,000
Winner: Confederacy 
Casualties: 27,399 (18,399 Union and 9)000 Confederate)

Burnside's Bridge at Antietam

Battle of Antietam 
Date: September 17, 1862

Location: Maryland 
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee 
Union Commander: George B. McClellan 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 51,844 
Union Forces Engaged: 75,316 
Winner: Inconclusive (Strategic Union Victory)
Casualties: 26,134 (12,410 Union and 13,724 Confederate)

Unburied Dead at the Wilderness

Battle of The Wilderness 
Date: May 5-7, 1864

Location: Virginia 
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee 
Union Commander: Ulysses S. Grant 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 61,025 
Union Forces Engaged: 101,895 
Winner: Inconclusive 
Casualties: 25,416 (17,666 Union and 7,750 Confederate)

One of the bridges at Bull Run. This might have been over Bull Run or Cub Run.

Battle of Second Manassas
Date: August 29-30, 1862

Location: Virginia
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee 
Union Commander: John Pope 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 48,527 
Union Forces Engaged: 75,696 
Winner: Confederacy 
Casualties: 25,251 (16,054 Union and 9,197 Confederate)


Battle of Stone’s River
Date: December 31, 1862

Location: Tennessee
Confederate Commander: Braxton Bragg 
Union Commander: William S. Rosecrans 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 37,739 
Union Forces Engaged: 41,400 
Winner: Union
Casualties: 24,645 (12,906 Union and 11,739 Confederate)

Pittsburg Landing after Shiloh

Battle of Shiloh
Date: April 6-7, 1862

Location: Tennessee 
Confederate Commander: Albert Sidney Johnston/ P. G. T. Beauregard 
Union Commander: Ulysses S. Grant
Confederate Forces Engaged: 40,335 
Union Forces Engaged: 62,682 
Winner: Union 
Casualties: 23,741 (13,047 Union and 10,694 Confederate)

Fort Donelson River Battery

Battle of Fort Donelson 
Date: February 13-16, 1862

Location: Tennessee 
Confederate Commander: John B. Floyd/Simon B. Buckner 
Union Commander: Ulysses S. Grant 
Confederate Forces Engaged: 21,000 
Union Forces Engaged: 27,000 
Winner: Union 
Casualties: 19,455 (2,832 Union/16,623 Confederate)

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    This is really interesting. Why was Frederick Aikens grave unmarked. Was he still hated after a decade had passed. How many of Lincoln’s general’s actually liked him. We know McClellan and Lincoln never got along. Also in the movie theConspirator was that true Mary Surratt ‘s son giving the rosary to the lawyer. I wonder what happened to it?

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